Issue #95

The 95th edition of The Chap is full of royalty, rakes and archaeology

The Chap Spring 2018

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Interview: Colleen Darnell, the Egyptologist who always excavates in vintage clothing
Vanessa Kirby: The actress who played Princess Margaret in The Crown on how she fell in love with her character
Mods to Suedeheads: The evolution of a street style that always paid attention to sartorial detail
Jump The Gun: fashion photo shoot with some Brighton mods and their three-button mecca
Aero Leather: Edward Marlowe on this iconic British clothing brand
Archaeologist Chic: Sandra Lawrence on the dapper diggers of yesteryear
Lipstick Museum A visit to a Berlin museum entirely devoted to cosmetics
Television Netflix’s The Crown turns the royal family into high drama
Get the Look: The modern Archaeologist who wishes to maintain standards
Lord Rochester: The life and poetry of this 17th century rake, by his biographer Alexander Larman
Chap-hop Diary: More excerpts from Mr. B The Gentleman Rhymer’s racy diary, this time from Los Angeles and Las Vegas
Amelia-Belle: our vintage style icon and pin up starlet
Grey Fox Column: David Evans on style for the mature chap
Belgian Beer: Olly Smith visits the Cantillon Brewery in Brussels
Pocket Knives: Why a gentleman should never leave the house without carrying steel

Pitti Uomo: Our American correspondent reports from this Florentine bastion of dandyism
William Cobbett: the man who formed his radical politics while riding around England on horseback
Photoshoot: Walker Slater let three models loose on their entire collection of tweed
The Queen’s Messenger: This mysterious mob of highly-trainded ex-army officers
The Rake’s Progress: News on a new tome that chronicles twenty stylish hellraisers
Vintage Events Guide: From racing at Chepstow to the Classic Boot Sale
Plus: The Butler, Am I Chap?, Crossword, Chap news and competitions